Monday 3 March 2014

Malton and its market days

Depending on whether you are a farmer or a shopper, markets are on different days .We take livestock to be sold on Tuesdays. Hopefully Phillip Plaice and his merry bunch of auctioneers will rap up a good price for us. Shoppers wanting a market to buy vegetables .flowers etc are on Saturdays. Malton is truly a market town. A sad day may soon dawn when the livestock market is moved out of the middle of the town so better make it something to see soon. The Shambles is the little street that goes up to the livestock market from the main hub of shops .Call in the Spotted Cow pub for a drink or a mug of tea on market days. At the bottom of the Shambles, Selina Scott sells her Angora sheeps socks. Selina of newscaster fame long ago lives over the hill from us. Malton is a very special place and a friendlier place you couldn't wish to find. I went to school there. My paternal great grandparents lived just over the river in Norton. A lot of the shops are individually owned and don't worry if a shopkeeper talks to you. They are not trying to "chat" you up but are passing the time of day with you. They talk to you as if they has known you for years. This is Malton.