Sunday 30 March 2014

Y14 and all that jazz

The first Y conference I went to at Harrogate we were welcomes by a jazz band . This year it was Tom Ashurst and his colleague who I spied first. I got a good viewing seat up in the rafters. Gary Verity look very suave in his yellow trousers -quite a suitable colour for lambing in I thought. Nick Clegg arrived and spoke well about the involvement of Welcome to Yorkshire and Le Tour. The 8th Earl of Harewood House,David Lascelles spoke of the involvement of the Arts side of things and so it continued. The arty side of things had made these huge birds on poles that when they were waved through the air by their 3 legs - men with poles you need to use your imagination here.Think voultures rather than Mrs Henny Penny. Ending in a grand finale to mark the 100 day countdown to LeTourYorkshire with what I could descibe as large yellow party poppers been let off. As Alistair Griffin and the band ended the presentation with the song that again has been created for Le Tour. People are thinking up great ideas ,coming together with others to make this the biggest and the best Grande Departe. What we cant organise is the weather but lets hope it behaves itself.