Friday 14 March 2014

On the left is Snowball. Today she went to live with the Scales family and be loved by them all espically their 2 little girls. They got George who is Snowball's brother a while ago.He doesnt look too suited to share his lovely life Unfortunately Snowball lost her own puppies and we nearly lost her. She spent time recovering here in familiar surroundings. She was Quozzi's half sister and although I didnt want her to go I cant cope with dogs in the house when I have guests in. Also the cat wasnt amused.Talk about cat and mouse this was cat and dog. So she has now got the ideal home . Lisa sent the photo about 2 hours after she had gone .Needless to say she looks as if she was always meant to ride in the back of a posh car and spend her days lying in front of the fire with fun trips out with the children.