Thursday 23 December 2010

and the First Tree in the Greenwood.... was the holly. Holly is not only what country folk go foraging for and cut to decorate our homes at Christmas,it is extremely important for the little birds and also other wild animals as they provide a supply of food to them in the winter months.As an evergreen, birds often take refuge in hollies as they provide shelter and give protection from predictors by their prickly leaves.Amongst it other uses, it throws out a lot of heat when cut into logs and put on the fire and is used to make the white pieces of a chess set.
I love to have a bonfire and tonight was no exception. The heat of the fire and the cold of the night air. The trees are covered in snow and frost but in the light from the fire it transformed it into a winter wonderland with the stars twinkling high in the sky. Peace in the countryside in the background the rushing water in the stream was all that could be heard. A million miles from the humdrum of of city life and the last minute shopping.
If you look closely at the bottom of fire can you can see the Holly King-otherwise known as Grandfather Frost