Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day -a family affair

Christmas on the farm is pretty much the same as any other day -animals are to be fed and watered.Probably it is busier,when we kept milk cows my uncles used to be up at 3.30am to get the cows milked so the delivery man could come earlier and get finished so he too could have his Christmas dinner. Yesterday my dad who is now 88 had a very busy day.Besides the usual jobs he had the tree to decorate,the turkey to get ready and the cake to ice.Then when it was dark he remembered he had some new potatoes in his greenhouse. We had a wild turkey which Nicholas shot and dressed,vegetables my mum did, I made the bacon rolls,cranberry sauce,bread sauce and thanks to Gordon R we had a very good Christmas pudding. I made the cake and my dad dressed it up. And Jack ate it !Nicholas was at the farm getting the animals fed very early then returned later bringing Claire and Rubi-Sue to see us for Christmas. Even the stag get decorated for Christmas. Always remembering Appy and Fred who when I was as small as Rubi-Sue until recently, gave me lots of wonderful Christmas memories.