Sunday 12 December 2010

Dine out with Rubi-Sue

As every female utters when she is asked to go for a night out "What do I wear" For Rubi-Sue. last night she has set the trend for the 15 month olds. Supper after 6pm- for girls the colour is most certainly pink with a big P. Pink slippers ,pink socks ,pink pjs,pink vest,pink hat and pink coat. Should we go high street or designer brands , Ruru says go comfortable. Jack and I met up with Rubi-Sue who had come chauffeur driven -of course, travel in style baby by her mum Claire, and with dad Nicholas. Only a couple of hours before a cow was calving so the date may have had to be cancelled but the cow had its baby and all was well. Rubi-Sue had the day shopping as girls do in Leeds and sat patiently while Claire had her nails done in Harvey Nichols as a Christmas treat . Its a wonder she had not wanted hers done too. We went to The Carpenters Arms at Felixkirk -the food as always was superb but it was being with that little girl that brought us the most pleasure. It could have been beans on toast for all I had cared and I think Jack would say the same. He is really pleased to know she likes dogs and is already looking to buy her a dapple grey pony. There is something about dapple greys and little girls that are special and this little girl is truly very special to us. Next Christmas will be even more magical for her as she will understand more about Santa Claus.The thing we wish her most of all is health .You cannot give health or buy it but is the most important of all. The bottom photo shows she is now ready for her bed ,chauffeur waiting she is getting ready to go not forgetting her main accessory her pink dummy