Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Winter Solstice ...

The 21st Dec -the shortest daylight hours of the year but as usual in the run up to Christmas it was a busy day here. There is always lots of jobs to do but with the icy cold weather it is always nice to get finished at the end of the day and thaw out in front of a warm fire. The Christmas lights and decorations are in place and here is the little village I hope will be so magical for Rubi-Sue. It is a lovely village scene lit up with twinkling lights. It reminds us of village life and friends around us.
This is a special Christmas wish and blog dedicated to two dear friends I briefly called on today. Maybe we don't see them for a month or so-their hospitality is always outstanding and their friendship very valid.It is to these friends and others like them in our lives that we raise a glass or two at this time of year and wish them all the very best and hope that Santa brings them gifts -Missoni style x