Thursday 16 December 2010

Helmsley-Window shopping for Christmas

Last night I nipped down to Helmsley which is our local market town. I thought you may like to see what Helmsley looks like with its windows dressed up for Christmas. I love to window shop and as you can see there is a good variety of shops and what they have to offer. Friday is market day when stalls set up in the square. There are fruit and vegetable stalls ,cakes and other edible produce and the "fish" lady. About 40 stalls in all selling their wears. A favourite especially at this time of year is the man who sells jumpers. He gets lots of cashmere - end of range etc. Last week I managed to find a Brora one so I was well pleased. They do a brisk trade and have every colour you can think of. While I bought one, a lady was buying 9 for Christmas presents.