Sunday 5 December 2010

Demijohn - The Liquid Deli

On my recent trip to Edinburgh I wanted to bring something back for Jack and I found the perfect shop -Demijohn - the Liquid Deli- It was just round the corner from the Missoni Hotel where we were staying.Angus Ferguson and his wife Frances opened the shop in the Edinburgh's Old Town in 2004. It was like an Aladdin's Cave -where else could you buy a ball of Marmalady gin,lime vodka liqueur or elderberry and port liqueur in wonky bottles.They have vinegars and oils too and all beautiful wrapped. To personalize them you can have whatever you want written on the bottle. Yes we do have 4 litres of raspberry vodka and more litres of sloe gin on the kitchen window sill which Jack shakes with great enthusiasm every morning. The antique looking containers and huge demijohns, they are stored at in the shop, make it resemble a grown ups sweet shop.
I must say a great thank you to Sarah and to all concerned who had to go to the trouble of running around to the Missoni hotel to pick up my purchases from the Demijohn as I had left them there. They sent them on to Glasgow and they were finally deliver here safely and now are sat under the Christmas tree. Only later did I find they have a shop in York too.I am so glad I found this shop as when you need something for someone and you are stuck for ideas look no further .They do mail order too