Wednesday 21 March 2012

The other side of the coin

. We encourage people to come to stay in the countryside and experience all the things that are on offer. Things we take for granted.. To be able to hear the silence ,smell the wild garlic,looked at the stars in the sky without a street lamp getting in the way.Now you people who live in the towns and cities may laugh but I have done something today that I have never ever done before. I had seen Dot Cotton on Eastenders in one.I think they have one on Coronation Street too. I have always wanted to go a launderette and today I did. I have just hand reared a cocker spaniel puppy which has now gone to its new home but it had a few accidents on the cover that I have on the settee in our living room . I tried to push and shove it into my washing machine but it wasn't having any of it.It didn't warrant spending money on dry cleaning so I found this amazing launderette on the outskirts of York up near the hospital up Haxby Road. A young couple run it who were very friendly and helpful as I didn't have clue how to work the machine.So civilized it begin its cycle and I nipped up the road to do some shopping and when I got back it was all ready for me to take out.This is a marvellous find so if guests are on long trips and need a pile of washing doing they can take it there and go into York and pick it up on their way out. They have driers too and all was stainless steel and very clean.I very much enjoyed my "Dot Cotton "experience.