Friday, 10 May 2013

Beach Hut Party

It started with a tweet when it was snowing. I was sick of hearing about the weather so popped a tweet in which said Should I have 30 or 60 to a Beach Hut Party. I had actually meant for Jack's birthday.But then we have Susie Brindley offering to bring Pimms and Beki from Robin Hood Caravan Park with nibbles.Katrina Gray with crab sandwiches and so it continued.Annie Stirk of Absolutely Food said what a great PR it was and it was Jane from Trail Trials who brought the Yorkshire flag We settled for 30 to be held on the 30th April so celebrate a 30th birthday. We would have liked 90 degree weather but settled for a 180 degree view of the sea and a 360 degree of success. The thank you list is too long to relay as all who came made fantastic contributions to the day. Jasmin Underwood, a young lady I had staying with me from Germany, made the bunting and had gone home before the party so would like to say a big thank you to her. I hope everyone found a "new friend or 2" and extended their business circles. I am so glad Rosemary of Just Puds was able to bring her mum,Val Anderson from Ainderby Myers. Our friendship spans over 30 years. My newest friend being Vicky Dixon who came with Tricia from Real Staithes. Vicky runs Whitby Sea Fish Co who between them astounded me with the seafood they brought. I am sure everyone was equally impressed who sampled it. An easy and delightful idea to have if you are wanting to organise a hassle free work free party -just get Vicky and Tricia to sort it for you.