Monday 20 May 2013

Really chuffed with these stickers

I tweet a bit here and there. I found a tweet that wanted people to try out these stickers. I couldn't believe it when they arrived so well packed in a box and delivered to the right address Thank you Royal Mail for getting your part right. But a big thank you to Michael Smith for organising it too. Michael is the Digital Marketing Manager for a company based here in North Yorkshire at Harrogate (0)1423 814 572. The address is 9xb Ltd., 38 Freeman's Way, Harrogate Business Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 1DH. I am really pleased with the labels and love how they have turned out and cant wait to use them on my marmalade,jam and other pickle that I make jars. I would certainly contact them again when I have used these up and it is so easy to put in your order and get sorted. But then we are talking about a company in Yorkshire and we all know how good Yorkshire products are. The labels have plenty of "sticky" on them so at least I know what I will be putting on my toast.