Monday 20 May 2013

Kate Hardcastle in the Palace Cinema

Must be 40 + years ago since I was in the Palace Cinema in Malton. I remembered as schoolgirls we went to see a film called Rhubarb,Rhubarb. This time Welcome to Yorkshire has joined forces with TV’s queen of customer service Kate Hardcastle from Insight with Passion to offer members the opportunity to attend one of exclusive half day workshops. Kate Hardcastle is a retail and commercial expert respected nationally and internationally. She is a regular contributor and industry commentator on BBC, ITV, Sky News and many more. Kate advises household names to help them reach more customers, transform the customer experience and become more successful. So here we have David Shields as an usher,Sarah Barrowby as the ice cream girl and the very vicious and interesting Kate Hardcastle delivering her speech. Kate was highly delighted with the cake I produced from Sophie Legard's deli- Malton Relish .Sited at the top of the market place this shop should not be missed. Sophie Legard is owner of Malton Relish, a deli recently crowned North East Food Hero on Market Kitchen. I grew up here as the daughter of a local farmer and have always loved food, said Sophie.I was a freelance chef for ten years before I started the shop. I was always struggling to find good, local ingredients, having to go to Leeds or Harrogate to buy them, the idea for Malton Relish came from that really. It all progressed from what the customers want, everything I sell in the shop is from Yorkshire with a lot of items from around this area. I have a food bartering system where people bring me their excess fruit, for example and Ill make it into jams, chutneys etc. I give them half back and sell the other half. Its great because come Christmas all my hampers are full of local produce. Sophie is a supporter of the We Love Malton campaign. Ive certainly become aware of how important it is for businesses in Malton to take some responsibility for keeping the town going, she said.