Monday 20 May 2013

Such very good lemon tart

As much as I like chocolate I would like to come back in a future life as a lemon tart taster. Citron tarte,torte di limone or Limonen tarte I don't care what the name is given to it. The delight is a very tangy lemon filling held in a buttery pastry case.I was on a mission and so while I was in Malton headed to The Patisserie. This is an extract from Andrew's blog - SPECIALITY OF THE MONTH As it’s our birthday, we thought we’d have more than one Speciality of the Month. The first is our signature lemon tart, as it is such a huge favourite at the food markets and festivals. The lemon tarts simply fly off the stall every time! Alongside these, we’d like to introduce you to a recent big hit with our regular customers in the shop: our black cherry and hazelnut choux buns. The large, light choux buns are filled with a generous dollop of fresh cream, on top of a layer of delicious black cherry filling. Rich, dark Belgian chocolate and chopped hazelnuts provide the perfect topping for this luxury treat. We bet that your first one won’t be your last! It certainly wont be my last time .After just coming out of Kate Hardcastles workshop you would have already Andrew and his staff had been to it. Friendly and helpful and even though he was really busy getting ready for the Malton Food Lovers festival he popped out of this kitchen to have a chat. He is very passionate about what he produces there is no doubt on that. Talk about looking in to the sweet shop window and not knowing which to choose the same could be said when you find The Patisserie