Monday 30 December 2013

Handcream for Claire

Daughter-in-law Claire had posted a face book message as she had sore hands. I remember years ago getting some very good hand cream at Crabtree and Evelyns' at the bottom of Stonegate in York . It was called Gardeners Hand care and I remembered it been very good .I often say this but how time flies it must have been over 20 years ago. I thought I had maybe saved a bit -the last squeeze in the tube for if I ever needed some. Anyway I decided to take a look inside. Spoilt for choice was an understatement. So I hummed and haaed and haaed and hummed and came out without any. Jack swears by udder cream we get in big tubes from Laycock's in Malton. Yorkshire thrify came into force.Maybe it doesn't have the packaging but it does the job I came out without any.