Tuesday 3 December 2013

Taste of Herriot Awards

Thirsk Racecourse was the venue for the awards ceremony for the Tastes of Herriot. Jessica Barker had worked very hard for the second year running to pull the day together.The first photo of Gary Verity from Welcome to Yorkshire It was a great success. I was sat on Jessica's table next to Kyle from the newly opened Park Restaurant. It was well attended and lots of local faces. Nikki and Robin Jaques formerly of the Fauconberg Arms won an award as did the Carlton Inn with Jason Sargent and his wife. I used to do Jason's granny's hair. A local boy made good and used to work under Nikki and Robin when he was a young lad. Delighted for both parties .Nikki is still beaming.Hope she has made time to get back into her kitchen and make her delicious Sawley Kitchen biscuits. As any good event it was all too quickly over. Well done Jessica another feather in your hat.Here you see her with her biggest fan next to her -Phillip -her husband one of the best