Monday 16 March 2020

Day 1 .. Coronavirus... How to cope

Here at Carr House Farm, we have decided to close our doors last Monday to guests as we look at how we think can get over the Coronavirus best. Everyone will have their own ideas, but I have to think my dad who lives 2 fields away is 97 and I had pneumonia 5 times in one year a few years ago when we had a big farm fire so my lungs are not as good as an Olympic athlete .

I am trying to do the best for everyone and I am not the best nurse so how would guest be if they took ill here and I had to look after them for a few weeks.

So I have decided to write my blog on how we are coping here in the heart of North Yorkshire. I think the unknown is probably more frightening than what it is to cope with the situation itself.  I hope the blogs I am going to write over the coming weeks will show no one is that by themselves and hope that I might add a bit of positivity into the equation.

I feel if we all pull together in whatever we can, we will get through it. It will bring the British Bulldog spirit we all need to take on.

Share, help and care.

What do I do when I don't know what else to do ... I bake ....  and then bake some more . I need to be kept busy. I do have a good store cupboard probably this comes with my age when as a child people only shopped once a week and even less when you lived on a farm in the depth of winter. I have know years ago, 6 weeks would go by before we could get out to the shops. It would not be thought anything out of the ordinary.

I have to  admit I got a few extra bags of plain flour. Life wouldn't be worth living if my Yorkshire man didn't get his Yorkshire puddings

We had the buns for  tea, the plain cake is for my Dad, he likes it with jam and a sprinkle of sugar whereas we will tuck into the chocolate cake.

Bake a cake trust me it makes you feel a lot better. Even if you don't eat cake you can always give it to someone else.