Thursday 26 March 2020

Goose for tea. ...Fight Coronavirus

Well, we all have breakfast , so we all agree it is called breakfast.... no problem understanding that ... but then we come to 12 noon when we have our dinner a lot of people have lunch . We have our tea around 5pm .Now some would think tea is to drink or afternoon tea is when you go to Betty's with your god mother or other generous soul who digs deep into their pocket. Our tea is proper food which is  a hot meal sometimes followed by a pudding. Not a Yorkshire pudding so you could call it sweet or dessert . Yorkshire Puddings you have as the beginning  course of a meal Oh dear how do foreigners cope with the English language, let along sort our eating habits out .
Supper when I was a child was maybe toast, a teacake or some thing plain and fried cheese after Brownies on a Monday night .Goodness knows why, other than thinking the cheese had gone a bit dry and it needed eating up .
If you went to school at Ampleforth College or some other posh school you had supper ,but supper is actually high tea but a bit later ......Hope you are still following me .... Supper to the village children was supper you had near bedtime .
If you go to someone house in your "posh clothes" you have dinner approx 8pm, have lots of knives and forks and at least 4 courses of food  or supper would be 2 or 3 courses.
Jack who doesn't like to eat late if we invite people to eat we say come to have a bit of tea with us about 6pm ...I like to think people dont go home hungry, so this can give me the scope of added another course if I have time to make another. I think my 8 course "tea" I cooked a few years ago is still talked about . That was for 15 people to celebrate Jacoponi our Italian friends birthday .

When I bought my Christmas goose I bought another 2 as well . One for Easter and then one for another time probably around Jacks birthday. Anyway, I decided we are all well at the moment and in these uncertain days we dont know what Easter will hold so rather than not have one and enjoy I took it out of the freezer and we had it for tea. Maybe this goes back to my Brownie days of be prepared or was that just the Scouts that said that , Along with Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings . I ate far too much crispy skin, but why not enjoy what you want. Enjoy today attitude at the moment ..
So if you have something hidden away in your freezer treat yourself now as for us if Coronavirus is going visit I also have plenty of goose grease to rub on our chests .

And hopefully it wont be long before we are all having meals together with friends and family like we are in the bottom photo.