Friday 20 March 2020

First day of Spring . The #CaringAndSharingTogether virus

Today is officially the first day of Spring and of course a slice of tea loaf ....

From tomorrow the world will be a little lighter and brighter for longer each day, until the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year. 

We must all come together sharing and caring and thinking of others . I really think as it sinks in the position we are in across the globe  and everyone takes stock of the situation that good things will come out of this.

Most of us are all guilty of taking things in our lives for granted and rushing about and not appreciating the little things of life. Did you open your door this morning and hear the birds sing . The black bird being supremo in this song . The gardens starting to come out of hibernation. There will be weeks growing by hey ho the flowers will look beautiful too and most scent the air too .

We had sunshine this morning and so I took my work into the garden .The accountant wont believe I will probably one of the first to get my books in for the year end rather one of the last.

Trust me it really does make you feel a little better when you feel the sun .It has been a long winter without much sun ,this is what we need so much >Warmth and sunshine .. It is good for our immune systems too . Mother Nature has her way of looking after us .

So if there are little jobs that you can take outside ,pick them up and take them outside  and let the sun do its job. Even if it is just chopping your vegetables

It is time to start to plant your seeds for fresh vegetables and fruit and flowers to cheers your day.
My Dad is a wise one and he is working like a beaver sowing seeds and tending his plants .  He is 97 and if he can do it so can you .He gets great satisfaction from growing things, watching for that first tip of green pushing its way through the soil .And then having a race with his friends to see who can produce the first, biggest, best.