Tuesday 17 March 2020

Day 2... Coronavirus Oh so green

Well, we are half way thorough the chocolate cake today, but there was work to be done. Even though we are not taking guests ...guests are foremost in my mind. I ventured out today to buy some more stamps, I had cancellation deposits to return and had used my supply of stamps up.

 So everyone who has booked for 2020 I am very happy to send back your deposits . As I for one feel it is neither their fault nor mine that this virus is upon us and I think it is just downright greedy if businesses think to  keep the deposits. And I hear of people wanting the balances for the guests holidays too. I feel like saying to such people ..get a life..
 I remember years ago before the fast world we live in now. Before the world of computers and emails people sent letters. Letters asking if we had accommodation for a particular week and the nice ones always enclosed a SAE. All done by second class post, only very urgent ones did a envelope come with a red stamp on it . People were a lot more patient in those days I dont recall there every been more than 24 hours in a day ..but there certainly seems to be more hours than there are now.

As I get a lot of guests returning  year on year, it is sad to hear we will not be seeing them this year. Sue from Cornwall rang up at lunchtime .. Sue and Dave has been coming for over 20 years now . Every year 3-4 times a year . The only trouble with them coming is that, as I have been to Cornwall and would like to go again, I cant persuade Jack to go. He says with his Yorkshire dry humour "Wey if they do come up 'ere  so much if Cornwall is supposed to be such a grand spot .Surely it proves Yorkshire is best" and  so I give up ...

Enough of my ramblings , lets get back to the present

Go green everyone was musing, before Coronavirus took over the centre stage in our conversations.
Yes I thought green and so I decided rightly or wrongly to try my hand at a bit of paper hanging . I used to years ago but it went out of fashion, but now is quite back in vogue. Think  jungle type, green , wow. Ok a C16th farmhouse with wow paper not really sure. I had been admiring some  "posh" paper at  £185 a roll ...2 rolls would do nicely . But being the tight fisted Yorkshire old lass I am, I opted for some very nice "other" paper . Well I like it and hope you do too. Bathroom accomplished.

30 years ago I stripped this little pine table as it was fashionable them ..nearly gassing myself out in the proceed with caustic soda I would be surprised if you can get it the days with 'elf and safety and all this malarkey. I picked up a little sample pot of  paint as I reckon someone had had a dabble out of it. It is one of those what I would call mucky green colours which are "subtle and so 2020 "

So I hope you like the finished result ..all done and dusted  or should I say painted and papered for when we open our doors again.