Wednesday 18 March 2020

Sausages and the countryside .This blog is dedicated to Sarah B

Back into the kitchen today as we have locked ourselves at home as much as we can. We will call it being anti -social -say no more.  Lucky to have acres of fields, green trees with green ferns, moss and flora. Huge swathes of wild garlic invading into our flower garden  around us and a mile out of the village wildlife is abound and life is carrying on just like any other March day.

Sausages rolls today .... Joan Sanders do you remember making all that puff pastry for your Mum and and Dad when they used to provide all the food for the hunt balls ?. That would be 50 years ago now .I remember it was roll the pastry, slap lots of butter on it ,fold it out, one, twice and do it all again. And again and again ... I wonder how many chefs make their own puff pastry these days.
I must admit mine today was the snowflakes' way ...out of a packet but I did use some rather nice sausage meat.  We are lucky to have Wass Farm Shop just across the road from us who sell some amazing meat and proper yellow yolked eggs .

We have an Aga and anyone who has used one will tell you if something starts to burn the smell goes up the chimney rather than like a conventional cooker and you can smell it is the kitchen.

As you will see my sausages rolls got... ummm.. slightly well cooked. Jack said as dry as b... and  even I felt if I had tried to hid them under some mushy peas he would still have complained. So I pull some prawn and mushrooms in a leek  sauce with spaghetti for his supper to pacify him.

I hope you can enjoy watching the video which I took trying to catch this little fella for you to see. I took about 10 videos each time getting a it nearer . At one stage I wanted to shout at him as he chewed on one of my fruit trees . By the time he saw me we had eye balled each other for what seemed ages I was less than 15 yards from him. I thought it was a young deer but my dad said it was more likely by how I described it a muntjac. He was darker and more calf like than the usually roes that comes to graze around the house. .Well dear deer, whatever you are,  you showed how marvellous is nature. Enjoying the afternoon sunshine and grazing without a care in the world . And I knew the gate needs replacing, but my uncle made it for me and I am too sentimental to get rid of it . It is held together with moss and over 40 years old . Always quirky and always made with love here.