Tuesday 24 March 2020

Shopping, Coronavirus and Helmsley and Kerrianne

With been isolated for the last few days and feeling quite safe I decided I had better make a quick trip to Helmsley ,which is our local market town and mainly where I shop .

Shopping in Helmsley to me usually means popping in to see friends on the way and a mooch round. "I wont be long" I said to Jack as I usually do .. and he replied "See you tomorrow, have a nice time" as he usually does as he knows I am often waylaid and away for several hours returning just in time to get his food ready .. When Jack goes "shopping" it is usually to get something for the dogs ,a new tyre , fuel for the pick up ...that sort of stuff and is back before I realise he has gone him .
I went with a scarf wrapped my neck and big enough I could pull it up when I got to Helmsley ,I wore a face mask the other day when I went further but thought I wouldn't go that far today but I did wear my plastic gloves.

Fortunately there was not a lot of people about and the ones I came across I gave wide berth too. I went to Barclays and the girls there are always pleasant and it was good only one person was allowed in the bank at a time. Then I scuttled down the street to the Post Office and our local little supermarket ,Costcutters, which are in the same building . A special mention to Kerrianne Linning and the young man who served me. He is new and I apologised for buy 2 of most things, but one lot was for my dad Kerrianne would have known this, but he was so pleasant and was so calm as I had a job to get the money out of my purse with my rubber gloves I got one of them stuck in the zip...Talk about Bridget Jones .
 I managed to get tomatoes, oranges, lemons, gravy salts, a newspaper for my Dad and some cow[milk] and a few other bits and bobs .I always shop here so I didn't feel bad about filling my basket. I wonder how many people are using this lovely little shop now ..I just hope they are going to use it after the crisis is over.

And then tonight I got an email from Kerrianne to apologies, yes apologise ,that I couldn't use the Post Office as they had just had 6 deliveries and needed to get it on the shelves.  What a kind but unnecessary gesture.  There was a man the young man had to deal with who had quite a bee in his bonnet  because the Post Office wasn't open ... we will get through all this if only we al pull together. So lucky to have shops and people around us like her.
Jack couldn't believe I was home so quick. I pushed all my clothes and scarf into the washing machine and I drew a bath and hopefully if there was any germs I have done enough to keep safe.
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