Tuesday 14 April 2020

Afternoon exercise /// all together

We are lucky to have a field in front of the house so we can take the dogs straight out. Here you see them out with Tom for their afternoon walk about. You will see he has his blue gloves on with instructions not to touch the fence and stiles where unfortunately we have a right of way over the field and walkers come trooping across ,all grabbing hold of the style. The other day I tried to get over it without touching any part of it . It was more a balance act than I thought and I am getting too old in being a contortionist. What we are finding too is that walkers tend to leave the west gate open which is maddening. More work to have to go down to shut it that we dont need at the moment. As you can imagine the dogs see it open and dive through fortunately when called they come running back. Not like a few years ago when they gate was left open the we had the male sheep waiting patiently until it was the right time to turn them in to mate with the ewes. Some kind soul had left the gate open and these male members of the flock took it upon themselves to climb 2 steps and walk across the gangway and down 3 steps at the other side to get to the females. That year we had some very early lambs. So there is the saying where there is a will there is a way and these sheep certainly had a will.
`Despite all of this , we are very lucky to live where we do and look forward to sharing it with you all again when this is over.