Thursday 9 April 2020

Nicholas working on the farm ...Easter lambs

 The land is drying up and the sheep and the lambs are filling the fields. Nicholas ,my son, is working 14- 16 hours, a day, every day whether it is on the land or with the animals. 
Please will you give a thought if you go for a walk in the countryside that you adhere to the country code. Life has been a lot harder for Nicholas as walkers are leaving gates open .Animals are getting in wrong fields. And it isn't we have 60 in one field and 40 in the next when  some one leaves the gate open we have 100 all together. Then the problem is another field may not be big enough to take 100 when they have to be moved to fresh pastures. .You try and sort out which lambs go with which mothers. And it takes so much time trying  and even if you tried all day you would get it wrong and sheep only feed their own lambs so please take a minute to think  and who doesn't like to see happy lambs gambolling about in the fields .A young lamb away from its mother will die. We understand people want to take their dogs on a walk but please take them on a lead and if possible find a quiet land or road to go down instead of our fields

We love that you take a walk, but not at the moment. Think you could easily be spreading Coronavirus when you go through a gate . You see you are not the only one who is going through that gate, there may be 50 plus people who have the same idea as you.  And as we have learnt not everyone takes the care to sanitise as you.may be doing. You are at risk too.

 This is a big risk to Nicholas who is  key worker and are other people who work on the land. Do you want  to have the chance to catch or spread Coronavirus . Please just for now try not to choose to walk through farmland. Please, please dont.

Here are a few photos to keep you going

And just another thought , Nicholas is a daddy. His little girls aren't able to be on the farm at the moment as they are self isolating with their mummy . I want my grandchildren to have a Daddy at the end of all this . Farmers are strong in mind IT is what makes a farmer a farmer less they wouldn't survive. Battling with weather condition,  and long hours and that fact when you have livestock you can also have dead stock and a host of other knock-backs  . Coronavirus can take anyone. Farmers will want to continue to work even if they get symptoms, it is their nature to try to carry on and look on the bright side.Look what happened to Boris our Prime Minister, he tried to carry on and nearly lost his life in the proceeds and he was brought up  and worked on a farm and the ethos of such people are engrained in the farming community  . Hopefully we hear today with the excellent NHS he is on this way to recovery . But think if Nicholas get ill who is going to tend his flock .