Monday 6 April 2020

Gardening and how do your potatoes grow

Tt seems as if this Coronavirus is bringing out the green fingers in a lot of us . Having to stay at home and wondering what to do people with a garden like Kay is digging up her garden to plant vegetables. Jack is thinking of turning some of a field into a garden... ah yes but I reckon it will be Peter Rabbit thinking it is his birthday and Christmas rolled into one. We live too near the wood for us to grow prize vegetables .And green fingered we are not .But fear not my dad is so maybe we will try to grow some tatties but my Dad knows what he is doing . He has competitions with his friends to see who can grow the best, biggest and firsts of the garden.
"Mind thy 'ead"  as you go into the greenhouse to admire the potatoes ."I will have to get Robin Teasdale to come to prune the vine "said my Dad ..Now why he thought Robin could come as the restrictions were on I do not know. The secateurs were a bit stiff so as I couldn't find the WD40 to give them a squirt, so I poured some cooking oil on and hoped for the best.
I don't think I made a bad job .Lets hope that the vine produces as many grapes as it did last year less I might get the blame for  not pruning it right.
One is too sour for him and has pipes in . He has 3 vines.  I wondered if you can grow them from pips but he told me Peter Caselli his Italian friend had once told him you graft them like fruit trees. No doubt when my dad has time he will be looking up which are the best sweetest one on the

computer and a package will arrive shortly afterwards . And his rhubarb isn't doing too bad either . The pear tree is just coming into blossom lets hope there isn't going to be a frost