Thursday 2 April 2020

Clapping for the NHS

Last Thursday night I stood outside and clapped in appreciation of our wonderful NHS staff. I rang my cousin, Gillian, later and everyone I spoken to afterwards said how emotional they felt. I couldn't hear anyone else clapping and so tonight I decided I would walk through our fields towards Wass which is a mile down the road.
As I walked all I could think in this mile was this is how long the London Nightingale Hospital is.  It is almost too large to contemplate. And there are more hospitals like this going up around the country. How all these people working to get them up need to be applauded too .Everyone doing their bit but that is the British Bulldog spirit that lies in the majority of us. So tonight just before 8pm as the sun went down on another day I took this photo. Byland Abbey in ruins beyond the village and a deer grazing undisturbed until the clapping started.
We live in a beautiful part of the world and hope when it is all over you can come and see the area for yourselves. We should all  be eternally grateful to all the NHS who are working so hard to fight the battle.
As it reached 8pm the villagers, I could hear but not see, came out of their houses and even some banging pans .I just hope this Coronavirus doesn't like noise as it certainly wont stay around for long if 70 households in Wass came make that sort of a noise, goodness knows what it is like in more densely populated area. Noise is a good vibration .We must keep our spirits up . I sang all the way home, thankful for a host of things. Even this thistle showed how nature goes on.