Friday 24 April 2020

We escaped and it was allowed....

Jack is self employed and part of his job description is dog handler .He breeds and training Labradors and cocker spaniels. And I am not the kennel maid as much as he would like to put that label to me I do the book work ,administrating and general paperwork for him .
So today our last Labrador pup was due to go to its new home. The problem lay that the puppies new home was over 800 mile round trip . 
So armed with an incident number issued by the obliging North Yorkshire Police , an email from our MP and asking 3 different police officers to just make sure we were granted permission to take this puppy as it was classed as Jacks work. We travelled with all our legal papers and accountants certifications etc . As well as face masks, gloves, disinfectant, tea tree oil and wipes we felt ready for any eventuality. Fortunately we got there and back without incidents meeting the new owner near Peebles. 
We were blessed with wonderful views of the Pennines as we went over the A66. Certainly earning its name as the back bone of England on such a clear day. The mountains forming the spine with its ups and downs just like you can feel the vertebrae in your back

We turned off the A74, I think we maybe took a wrong road at Junction 15 and ended up going a very very scenic route ! It was what they called the scenic route to Edinburgh. Notices at the side of the road RED SQUIRRELS , we past a man with binoculars before we saw the sign and hope he was lucky and saw one but it wasn't a joy ride and would have felt very bad as we were only out due to Jack's work and grateful we could fulfil the journey to meet half way . We both thought how special it would be to see one . Neither of us had seen one since we were young. 
Surrounded by mountains fit only for logging and  some very nice Cheviot sheep with their lambs and a few hornies basking in the sunshine.
We did our handover of the puppy with proper social distancing  over the garden wall and soon were on our way home.
I had packed up egg sandwiches and some ham and mustard ones and of course some chocolate. I had forgotten to make Jack a flask of tea well I only drink water so thought that was enough, hey ho it was wet so he had to wait until he got home .
It isn't every day you can enjoy your lunch at the side of the River Tweed. It wasn't with a picnic table and tartan rug to sit on . It was a quick bite to eat sat on the tail gate of a dusty pickup  and then we were on our way. I  couldn't resist and did venture down to look for a salmon ..wishing I had taken my rod..  The water was crystal clear. Then we were on the road again as I scanned the water as we travelled I thought I saw bubbles and one jumping in the water. Jack deflated me as he was nearer the water and could see it wasn't a very large salmon but a duck having a good old splash in the river.
Jack always says he is only happy when he can see the White Horse of Kilburn on the hillside and today we were both relieved to see it and get back into the safety of our own surroundings.