Thursday 23 April 2020

St George's Day post dedicated to the late Peter Caselli

With love and  thanks to the late Peter Caselli's wife Margaret.

This day 23rd April 2020 ... marks again St George's Day ..the 2nd birthday of a little Prince Louis of Cambridge - a distance relative, the birth of George Gray grandson of dear friends Katrina and Derek Gray of The Wold Cottage and the day when you go hunting for St George's Mushrooms.

St George's Mushroom were brought to our notice many years ago ,probably 50 plus years ago by our dear Italian butcher Friend, Peter Caselli.  My Dad's friendship begin with Peter in their mutual love for ornamental pheasants when they used to go to meetings at Harewood House.
Peter and his family soon became friends with our family and so it has continued even 25 years after Peter's  far to early passing. We can only hope he has joined forces with with his fore elders  up there in Heaven and they go mushroom hunting together.

Peter made flavoured sausages before anyone else had even thought of them in England flavouring them with the wild herbs. He foraged from the hillsides of his beloved Italy where his family still live in mountains filled with flowers and herbs. His brothers making the famous cheeses.

Peter taught me need to buy lettuce, Princess ...use dandelion leaves. His meat was the best. Hanging it for weeks rather than days and always cooking it with extra bones to act as a rack underneath. His dressings sublime. It was Peter who taught me the Bella Vita in cooking make me love to cook for others , to have tables laden with food, to tempt people to rub their bellies to make room, to  be able to eat just un altro boccone - another mouthful . So even though I knew the land was too dry  to find the mushrooms today where we had first found them together when I was very young I went on my yearly pilgrimage. Margaret telephoned my Dad and that was our day . And now Margaret will correct my spelling

ti salutiamo dalla nostra famiglia alla tua con tanto amore viva l'amicizia Lupton / Caselli