Tuesday 21 April 2020

Coming to Life In an English Country Garden

I wonder how many Aprils have been as dry and sunny as 2020.  Every morning we wake up to blue skies . We are totally blessed in this green and pleasant land even in this Coronavirus time .
We love to share our garden with guests so send you a few photos to say it is still here . The sights, the smells ,the sounds. 
I am also helping in my dads garden this year he is way ahead of me with vegetables having got over 100 onions planted they are coming up now. So are his peas and potatoes. 
My tomatoes look miserable specimens next to his but I am trying. 
It is still cold and frosty when the sun goes down and so I reluctant to put my geraniums and other flowing pots  out yet as they have serve me well through the winter and provided us with a  small show of flowers since I bought them in last Autumn. So they are all sitting in the porch way as it would be cruel to let them die now .

The  Clematis well out and another is climbing up a drain pipe It is a Jackmanii which is the earliest flowering one I know of and if rampant growing up the acacia tree too .

The last photo is of my bird of paradise plant but it will only go out in June for a couple fo months. We are lucky to get one flower a year which lasts for weeks but up to now has not obliged by opening