Sunday 26 April 2020

In another life...

Jack of all trades ...that's me .....well in these times it comes in handy.

I have had experience in a lot of different things and more hobbies than you could think of . Hobbies from fishing to metal detecting to keeping bees.

But many moons ago I trained to do hairdressing  as well as training in wig making and perfumery. How good does that sound . I accidentally got into hairdressing when I had to see the man who can to school in our last year to ask what I wanted to do . I had always wanted to be a farmer ... a proper job with proper people and it is in my blood.  Genes that have drip fed into me from many generations before me.

It was that fateful day at school when I met Mr Alan Pickering the careers officer that set me on the road to being a hairdresser... but you never when your skills come in useful. I put on my form I wanted to be a theatrical hairdresser rather than stuck in a saloon and ended up being one of the first mobile hairdresser in Ryedale. The advantages of been a mobile hairdresser is that people feed you and here I must mention the late Mrs Doris Rolph from Nunnington who was kindness itself. Thursdays was my favourite day when I got a bacon sandwiches too and she made the best butterfly buns.

I tell Jack how lucky he is, of how I am so low maintenance. Well I am when it comes to my hair. I have proper hairdressing scissors but to be truthful you dont need them. A good sharp pair of kitchen scissors is all you need and I more times than not use them .  The only drawback of using kitchen scissors are they are a lot heavier and can make your fingers ache.
I have cut my hair for years as when I have venture into a saloon I have more often than not been disappointed when I have come out. And end up in front of the mirror as soon as I get home and hack a bit more off.

So dont worry or freak out when you read hairdressers could be shut for 6 months.

If you have curly hair you have an advantage over people who have straight hair as if you slip with the scissors it isn't as noticeable.

I was telling a friend the other day it is always better to cut it when you hair is wet doesn't fly about as much and to take very narrow layers starting from the underneath hair at the back of your neck gradually bring it down to the required left.Then do a cut up  pulling your hair out between your first and second finger and snipping it to the contour.  Maybe cut it a little longer than you need you can always take a bit more off as you go along but you cant stick it back on.

I used to love colouring hair when I was working and even got a distinction in my exams .
This is what I told her......
 I used to put my colour on with an old toothbrush as with the rough bristles it give it a more natural look rather than been to matt and dense. To  only colour the bits that need doing and then pull it through to the ends for the last few minutes as Colour on colour adds colour . To dry it for you bend you head down towards the floor Not quite upside down but you know what I mean .Drying it at this angle will bring a bit of lift to it too

Hope this helps and gets you through lock down 

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