Thursday 30 April 2020

The R in ideas

They talk about the Coronavirus R how it spreads . Well I think R happens in a lot of forms. And today for me it was thanks to Rosemary Shrager.
I saw a post she had on Facebook .. of some very scrumptious looking almond palmier biscuits which Rosemary makes with left over pastry bits.
So I thought as there was no recipe for them that I would have to google them..well you know how one page leads to another so I ended up with ... well I needed 350 grams of ground almonds ,200 g of icing sugar ,the zest of 2 lemons and 2 eggs ..What could be easier. As some whole almonds were nearer to their use by dates I ended up putting them in the food mixer ...and milling them down.  It was a doddle as I was only half concentrating as I was talking to my cousin at the same time on the phone.I didn't read the end of the recipe as when you have made the dough you then get each ball and roll it in some more icing sugar.
As it was they tasted very good maybe didn't visual appeal have the  and you can see by one empty oven tray they are very addictive they are. Maybe this could be classed as a R too . The bottom ones are Rosemarys the top  ones Carr House Specials.

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