Wednesday 22 April 2020

Tree down

This morning we woke to find a tree down in our garden. Now this is no ordinary tree not even an ordinary pear tree. We have lost bits of it over the years and understood it to be around 300 years old. Some kind people who were related to the people who owned this house in the 1700 showed us the deeds  and also some more paperwork which had written down they had planted a pear tree here at that time .

It never did have nice juicy pears on like the one my dad has at the farm, but little round bullet objects

and not many of those too.
However it always had some nice blossom on each year and like the Aga was part of the family .. well the garden.
 Sadly this morning Jack found it had tumbled over.  And on to one of our garden tables which is looking very sad at the moment. As Jack is no joiner I think I will have to try to mend it myself or find someone who will repair it for me as I am sure it is repairable and to be honest I dont think it needs to be put on the bonfire just bodged a bit and we can always say well it was the pear tree that did that.....
So as much as we have space and garden and sunshine somedays it was a sad day . Here are two photos one of the last time we will take photo of the tree and another when it stood above the resting the garden.
I dont think I want to burn it ,I think we will find a place for it somewhere so it can rest in peace and even this morning a blackbird was sat on it and I think it felt it had found a new perch.
It has watched over many parties including Nicholas' christening, my 40th, Jacks Heinz [57] and latterly my Dads 97th. It has seen everyone who has come and gone over the centuries . Seen the grandchildren and  4 generations of us together. Guarded the house. Heard us laugh and watched us eat.  If only that tree could have talked. RIP dear Dear Tree