Saturday 25 April 2020

Back to baking cakes

Think it will have to be an orange cake . Ever since the virus started I have been upscaling my Vitamin C uptake and happily chump through 2 oranges a day and sometimes 4 .. I was lucky to be able to buy a whole box full when I got a home delivery the other week from Hebdons of Easingwold

Now this is maybe while I have had a few hours in the sun I look more suntanned I never thought of that before.  And it isn't fake ... but most people who put fake tan on look orange.
With my weakness for chocolate I usually make a chocolate cake . I say to Jack "what cake do you want me to make". "Surprise me" he says which is so annoying . I feel one day I will leave an empty tin with the words Boo written on a paper inside.

 Last week I did chocolate and cherry and my dad,we cant leave him out ,had cherry and almond.
But what a waste of orange skins I lay the out on top of the log burner and we have the lovely smell of orange waft in as soon as you walk through the door . So at least if I make an orange cake I can use some of the rinds up too.  So here is Saturday night special ready for after we have had our lunch tomorrow but I think I probably need to make sure it is ok before then and have a slice .
It is strange not having guests in to share it with but better we all have lockdown and stay at home safe