Friday 1 May 2020 along in the Coronavirus Lockdown

Meetings in your own living room or office at home. This is great .No chance of a speeding fine as I would rush along to get to a meeting.Nothing worse than being late . I am known for being early and I have known a couple of people take bets on that I would be first there. There is nothing more disruptive and annoying than a late arrival whatever their excuse. And also if you arrive late there is the chance you have to sit on the front row and all the chocolate digestives have gone and there are only bourbons left.

Fast forward to the life of Zoom...
more and more people are turning to Zoom and similar platforms in the Coronavirus lockdown. And for people who have to travel a long way to meetings I hope they will agree with me this is the way forward. The minus is been able to go out for lunch afterwards and a look around the town.

Susan Briggs has been working really hard at keeping our spirits up, giving us great ideas on how to beat the Lockdown blues and tips on how we should use this time to enthuse guests and to get all ready at the starting line to tempt people to come and spend their leisure time with us when lockdown is lifted.

Susan organised the Zoom meeting and at her virtual side was Catriona McLees from the North Yorks Moors National Park . Other heavy weights from the tourism industry were also in/at  the meeting including Craig Nattress from Ryedale Council. Michelle Brown from VisitYork and Janet Deacon from Scarborough Council all adding valuable points and insights to the meeting.  Think Janet has been out in the sun her hair was a lovely colour or maybe it was she had tried out a new colour which ever I thought she looked well. And not forgetting Amanda Brown from A2BPR.

I rang Pascal afterwards as he like myself not only look to safeguarding guests but how we safe guard our families in all of this . My thoughts are that as guest have their own front doors to the bedrooms there is enough room is 2 bedrooms to put a table and chairs so they dont have to meet other guests at all and can take their breakfast in their own room if they prefer. if not they can always sit at individual tables in the dining room or in the guests lounge. That time isn't imminent yet but worth a thought.

I apologised for wearing my shirt inside out ...the beauty of being at home... as the label tickled before any one had chance to zoom in and think I had got dressed in a  hurry and accidentally put my shirt on inside out. I really should have cut the label out but I was very pleased with my charity shop posh label top that vanity stopped me from cutting it out.