Friday 8 May 2020

VE Day ..with Gillies Jones

The timetable for VE Day national celebrations today | York Press A beautiful bowl created by Gillies Jones in the studio in Rosedale on the North York Moors. It is #ForgetMeNotBlue and I felt very apt to be part of my blog today as we look back on VE Day . We should never forget the men, women ,horses and dogs who gave so much for us all to have enjoyed life since then. Today in splendid sunshine ,as the birds sing and the skies are quiet we cannot begin to image how much they gave for us. Brave boys wanting to go to help fight the enemy ,under age some of them only 14 years old. Horses that had been working in the field..maybe the famers' favourite been taken out of the rural fields it had been born and bred in to then gone to war. So after all the flag waving and tea parties and celebrations today, we should remember them ..the ones who never grew old and the old that have the sad and haunting memories etched so deeply inside. My Dads cousins went to war , they could never talk about their days in the trenches and the terrible times they lived through it was too painful... Too painful to talk about ... So this blue bowl sums it up for me .. The serenity of the blue.. I truly hope they are all now in Peace those who fought to give us peace. We didn't celebrate but I sat in the sunshine on my Dad's lawn while he told me of how hard those days were. So anyone whinging about the lockdown needs to get some backbone just like those had years ago .They had it, they didn't need to get it. From this we should take example.
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