Wednesday 13 May 2020

Memories ... the good Old Days were the Best

Today has been the best day yet in Lockdown . I was watching the men doing our drive and a car pulled up and it was my best friend for school. We applied social distances and spent the next hour or so chatting about school days

We go back 53 years and it doesn't matter how long it is ..a year some times 2 and maybe 3 or even 4 years and in some cases has been even longer we can just carry on from where we left off. Best Friends are the ones who comes to stay for 2 weeks and stay 5 week and you are sad to see go. Give her a cup of tea and she is happy.  She is always the person I would like to have lived in her shoes . Her family went on holiday and where some of the first to enter into Russia when it opened up . Their home was very Scandinavian and they had beautiful set of china and it amused me that we ate off plastic plates as her mother wouldn't trust us to not break her collections. I love quirky and their life was certainly that. Maybe she loved my farm life and animals as much as I loved her family's ways.

We talked about our days at secondary school... the antics we got up to , the boys , our friends, the ones we liked, the ones we didn't. What had happening to them these days. Where they had gone ,who they had married, who the had run of with . And unfortunately some that had died. We came to the conclusion that most of the lads we knew had not aged very well especially the ones who were great heart throbs when we were young.  So Willie Pirie if you are reading  this are the one who had keep his good looks the best. Joanna Carr, you still look great and Wendy Barker has never changed.

We talked about the barbecues we used to go to near the Zoo [ now known as Flamingo Land]  and at Barton -le -Street where there was a live steel band. Where JAAH /// her initials ./// gave her telephone number to a boy from Pickering. We had left the BBQ and gone back to her parents home and were sat in the kitchen talking about our night when the telephone rang at 3am ..needless to say it was this boy Nicholas S from Pickering. My friends mother came down stairs and was not amused at being woken up by the phone.

A time when we wore "hot pants" "kinky boots and Afghan coats and mini skirts. Smoked Sobranie blacks and on special occasions had Sobranie cocktails and drank Black Russians ... It was as if it was yesterday. I just wish my granddaughters would have these wild carefree days in front of them but I guess they wont have. When we rode ponies bar back across the fields with the wind in our hair.  Health and safely hardly existed in those days.

But what is interesting to know which I didn't know before today was her grandchildren and mine go to the same school .

And I still think this special friend looks like this today.

So if you were at MGS [Malton Grammar School ] in the1960s early 70s or hung about with us you will know who this is
SWEET JANE: The Rise and Decline of the Afghan Coat 1966-197?