Thursday 14 May 2020

Walking from Our Doorstep through the countryside

As we are having our road mended in a big way... I took to walking to the farm today with my basket on my arm. I tend to take food over for my Dad even though he is able to cook his own .It is always nice to eat what someone else has cooked or baked too. Apparently the cake I made him this week needed"a bit more oven" and wasn't as good as last weeks. So if anyone feels they want to make him one, I wont feel offended and just leave it on top of the post box near the back door and all efforts will be gratefully received.

We like to go out and eat and I think this is the thing I miss most about the Lockdown. So there I go I bake another chocolate cake to compensate for this small inconvenience.  So what better way to burn off the calories than to do a bit of walking.
It is lovely to see the animals in the fields. The grass is so green and the trees are bursting into leaf now. Despite the frost we had last night all is good in the countryside.   The frost nipped off the top of 3 rows of potatoes my Dad had got in his garden. One row was what Rubi and her Daddy had planted and were well up .

The elderflowers, give it another couple of weeks will soon be out as I am running my supply short on elderflower cordial. I am  ready with washed out milk containers to put it in for this years harvest.  It has kept remarkably well and as well as being delicious it also has health benefits too. I will come back in a later blog with the recipe and you can see how I go along with making it .

So I hope you like the little video of the cattle in the field . The bull with his harem of wives and their offspring.

And remember if you are coming to stay with us and would like to take one of our dogs with you for company on a local walk you are very welcome.