Friday 15 May 2020

Friday ... and appreciating what we are surrounded by

Lockdown for us is watching nature carry on undisturbed and we know we are lucky. I have to write and tell you  about this little blackbird. As much as I dont like blackbirds when they have robbed me of fruit in the garden.  The nursery rhythm of 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie , doesn't sound like a bad idea on these days. .But this little character doesn't just sing from the roof top he sings from the highest point which is on the top of the  chimney pot.  He sings from morning till night.  Here you see him getting ready for bed as his song isn't quite a trill. He is obviously tired and looking to going to his bed .The second little snip shows him flying off to bed. He preens and prunes between his trills and has a look around. You could actually sit in the garden for ages just listening to him and how he is part of a choir that all have their own parts to play. Or even sit in the shade in the porch by the front door and watch the other birds and their activities around the garden. One lady has noted 32 species of birds in 24 hours. There is the green woodpecker which very rarely comes before May and likes to have the length of the drive as his own race track. Were as the black and white woodpecker is a visitor to the garden most days through out the year. bringing a splash and dash of red with him .  We have seen the swallows, they can a few weeks ago and I worry this cold snap will be detrimental to the breeding pattern with the lack of tiny insects they feed on and catch while in flight.  Unfortunately we haven't heard the cuckoo near the house. I always think this makes Summer but it has been heard  a field away.
The Live Cam is back on, but not always on to the bird table now as it in the winter ,but over the countryside so you can enjoy the scenery even though we cant be open yet to guests . You can find this on the right hand side on the home page of