Sunday 24 May 2020

Have you heard of Zac's Virtual Tour

Recently I got a Facebook message from a friend telling me about this page to join . I hope you will too . 
ZAC"S VIRTUAL TOUR.   - I did as if it helps Zac to fill in a few hours of pleasure why ever not. It doesn't cost ,they are not asking for money just to spend a few minutes loading some photos for him. I am sure you will get pleasure too in looking and see photos from around the world . So if you have a Facebook page please .Be as creative as possible and take a look at some of the other posts which will give you an idea of what to do if you are not sure. I sent one with Jack and his dogs and puppies and some of my Dad in the garden .And a  few words about us too 

Hello everyone! My name is Denise and my friend and coworker Angela Connolly has asked if I could help her and her son Zac out but starting this group.

Eleven year old Zac Connolly is a fierce warrior who, as a toddler, successfully fought and destroyed 4th stage Neuroblastoma. Last year, he and his family were blindsided with the tragic news of his relapse. Recently Zac and his family have been told that his cancer has stopped responding to treatment and it has spread to a point where further treatment is no longer helpful.
Zac loves geography, maps, military and territorial history, especially Europe. Zac has received some postcards from people around the world and he is loving it! Some people have reached out and asked if we could make a page where they could post pictures about their daily lives in their own countries. So here it is, Zac's Virtual World Tour! Please share this link and spread it far and wide 🥰
If you are willing to send a postcard to Zac, that would be amazing! Please send them to Zac Connolly, 48B Levy Road, Upper Rawdon, NS B0N 2N0, Canada. They will be delivered right to him.
Thank you so much for helping Zac see the world! xoxo@[1358239864223264:11809:cover photo, Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor