Monday 11 May 2020

Walking ,exercise in our beautiful valley

We are situated 1 mile west out of Ampleforth. Locals always say if they are heading to Gilling East or the Ampleforth fish ponds which are given the posh name now of Ampleforth lakes to go across the valley . A fertile valley where the Benedictine Monks settled to the North in the C18th . Where ever you find a castle or abbey you will find it a sheltered area surrounded by fertile land. These places were not built on a whim but however many centuries ago they were very wise.

This village in Ryedale is a delightful place for a walk being situated on the edge of the North York Moors and near the Howardian Hills. Highlights include the nearby Yearsley Woods and the beautiful grounds of Ampleforth Abbey.
This circular walk explores the countryside and woodland to the south of the village. visiting Ampleforth Abbey, Gilling East and Yearsley Woods. The route runs for a distance of just over 6 miles with some small climbs on the way.
The walk starts in the village and heads south through the countryside to Yearsley Woods. Here you'll find miles of woodland trails, several ponds and lots of woodland birds.
After rounding the large pond the trail heads east towards Gilling.
From Gilling you head north west to Ampleforth Abbey and College. Founded in 1802, Ampleforth Abbey is home to a community of more than 55 monks. Visitors are welcome to explore the expansive grounds which include a Tea Room, Abbey Shop, Visitor and Sports Centre. It's a lovely place for a stroll with good footpaths, wide lawns and fine views of the valley.
From the abbey the route then heads west to take you back into Ampleforth.

So we hope you will try this walk when you come to stay with us . Enjoy the food at the Abbey Tea Rooms and the atmosphere too .

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