Saturday 23 May 2020

First Yorkshire strawberry

First strawberry of the season. 

Can't believe they have started to ripen so quickly .It was only the other week that the flowers were on them and I was weeding the strawberry patch at my Dads .My strawberry plants have formed fruit on them but probably need more water as we have hardly had any rain. My Dad tends his plants very well and tonight we shared the first strawberry. He sits in the shade of a tree in his deckchair and has the hose pipe in his hand watering his garden. It is good that the weather has been nice and he can sit out and enjoy the sunshine but some days when he has been in the greenhouse it gets rather too hot when the thermometer reaches 120 degrees

I hope there are some more that will ripen before too long as our three little "blackbirds"[grandchildren] arrived to stay with their Daddy the other day and are here for 2 weeks.  Martha is a really fruit lover and will probably pick a handful for "later' but she always like to share with her great granddad . The first week that there are here on the farm we are not seeing them  other than over the fence. We will be careful as with my Dad so old now we take all the measures we can to keep him safe in this Covid time. He loved to see them and they like to come to see him too . Now they are older they say we have just come to see if you are alright . They know where the goodie tin is too  and are partial to his store of toffees. Saying that they are very good as if it is near meal times they take one for after dinner.  Whether they eat it in the stackyard on their way home is another matter .

Tomorrow they will be having some new potatoes as Rubi helped her Daddy to plant them and they always taste better straight out of the garden  with a bit of butter on them