Tuesday 19 May 2020

Glider pilots are starting flights again in the skies above Sutton Bank, near Thirsk, following the easing of lockdown restrictions by the Government.
Yorkshire gliding club, which is based opposite the North York Moors National Park Centre at Sutton Bank closed eight weeks ago, just prior to the official lockdown announcement was made, along with all other gliding centres in the UK.
The North Yorkshire club has become increasingly popular in recent years  offering fabulous views from the Moors across the Vale of Mowbray to the Yorkshire Dales.
We are only 10 minutes away from the Gliding Club so if you are thinking of bringing your glider and  taking to the skies we can arrange your breakfast to fit in with your flying patterns.
 .My uncle who had only been out of Yorkshire a couple of times in his 82 years ,had chance to go up in a  glider one day. He was braver than I am and thoroughly enjoyed his trip and I suspect he "farmed" all the way round. He came over the farm and we all stood out and waved to him . When I was a child most years we would have the great excitement of a glider down.... It was ok as long as it didn't land in a crop of corn and waste it . And we always got some money from the pilot for the  trouble they caused.
Gliders return to skies above North Yorkshire