Tuesday 5 May 2020

Living in a Topsy Turvy World

I dont know about you but this lockdown is making my world more and more topsy turvy every day. I think Coronavirus has a lot to answer for .
 We are lucky here as we have plenty of our own space to roam about in. The weather has been wonderful and the countryside is lovely and quiet as it puts on its summer clothes and turns green.  I dont venture very far as so one day is pretty much like the next. So do I really know what day or more is the fact do I care.  Sometimes I think it is Tuesday for 3 days on the trot. I never liked Wednesdays so I miss Wednesday out . I think it must go back to what we did on what days at school. I think at junior school we did sewing on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Dobson and as she is long gone I can now say she was a dragon.She wasn't our class teacher and the only time I came into contact with her ,other than Wednesday afternoons ,was in assembly when she took her place at the piano. She would come tottering in her wedge type open toed mules shoes and flamboyantly tossed her head back and her chiffon scarf went with it as she slammed her fingers down on the keys of the poor old piano.  I think she was probably the first person I saw with varnished toe nails .Her husband was the postman and was so different to her. `Even when we were seven or eight we all  felt sorry he was married to her and would have to put up with her when she wasn't at school.  We had to make a stuffed toy in her class and even back in those days they must have thought about health and safety and as well as having scissors which had rounded ends they were blunt too.We had to take old stockings to school to cut up to stuff the toy and I can still feel the blisters now. That is why I think I dont like Wednesday . Tuesday we must have done something nice.

Well today is Tuesday so I was feeling quite happy with myself.

Now back into my topsy turvy world where I can stop up all night. Get up when I want ,go to bed when I want and as long as Jack has plenty to eat and I surface at mealtimes he is happy . Are we really going to have shortages of fresh vegetables in the winter and salad things. I do not know but as my brownie days made me ready for any eventuality I had spent much of today turning the summer house into a green house and the porch into a summerhouse .Even the birds must feel somewhat topsy turvy as a wren has started patching a swallows nest up .There was some tell tale signs on the flagstones today in the porch when there was a bundles of moss on the floor . At least Duchess the cat cant get up there.
There is a strange lot of blackbirds around so I will soon have to cover my red currants up as they come and eat them off the bushes  just as they are turning colour and ripening. As I have more time this year to keep my eyes on things I will be blowed if they will beat me .My strawberries are coming along well and have flowers on them. My Dad saw a photo of some of my tomato plants and he said they looked more like Christmas trees I dont know if that was a compliment or an insult.
And lastly my Bird of Paradise plant has not disappointed as it has thrown out its once a year flower . It lasts for a number of weeks and its beauty never ceases to amaze me .Later in the Summer I will put it out for a couple of months to get some fresh air but for now it is still indoor. I bet it is wondering what it has done to be down graded not to live beside geraniums and fuchsias but instead some very weird looking tomato plants .